· Select a photo from your device's photo library, snap a picture with your iPhone, or select from any of our stunning 2 MegaPixel canvases.

· Text may be divided into two unique modes: Letters or Words. Letters allows for the individual placement of each letter in your word, either by tapping for swiping. Words will align all your letters for you on a straight line (which may be rotated based on settings).

· Select a Brush by choosing at least one of twelve colors available per brush. Any selected colors per brush will be drawn to the screen at random. Size, transparency and rotation can all be set individually to achieve just the right look you desire.

· The Range Slider sets the bounds of each property (size, transparency, rotation) and the variance within those bounds. I.e., the Range Slider is where you may set the minimum and maximum value for each property. Whats most special about the Range Slider is what happens within these bounds. We developed tools such as Stepped, Wave, Constant and Random to fine tune the effects happening within your set bounds; all adjustments are immediately visible within our preview windows. See our website for video tutorials-seeing is believing!

Brushes - Bold and Beautiful

· Packed with an arsenal of over 180 crisp shapes, objects and various accent symbols, Foto Brush makes it a breeze to make high quality visual creations in a flash.

Text - Twirl Text Around Your Finger

· Foto Brush is stuffed full of elegant fonts and all are available in endless color combinations. Grunge, Helvetica, Irish (Gothic), Old English, Script, Shorthand 

· Control the spacing of the letters. Squeeze letters to give your words a 3D pop, or spread them out for a more elegant arrangement.


  1.   Works on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

  2. High resolution canvases, available in portrait and landscape

  3. Vary transparency, rotation and size of brushes to fit any style

  4. Export to your favorite social networks, like Facebook and Twitter

  5. Export resolutions include: iPhone, Email or Desktop

  6. Undo/Redo available by swipe or touch.

  7. Shake to Clear All.


Foto Brush Pro coming soon to the iPhone and iPad

Foto Brush Pro

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