Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars by The iPhone blog!

    Brush lets you easily customize photos by using your finger as a paint brush and a large assortment of designs in a rainbow of colors as paint.

    Photo Brush reacts to differences in drawing technique, from dabbing to heavy-flow swiping.

    Create image art amazingly fast wherever you are! iPhone users, surprise your friends by taking their picture and using them as your subject! Otherwise, all users can pick photos from their device's Photo Album.

    Email your pictures to friends or use them on your social networking profile page. The possibilities are limitless!


  1. Huge assortment of color and symbol combinations.

  2. Vary transparency, rotation and size of designs to fit any photo.

  3. Our exclusive random brush takes the hassle out of decoration.

  4. Export resolutions include: screen, email or desktop sizes.

  5. Undo/Redo available by swipe or touch.

  6. Shake to Clear All.

  7. In-App Store expands Photo Brush’s library.

    Below are samples of the brushes and color combinations available through Photo Brush. Each brush shown is available in each color as well.

   Seasonal brushes are updated well before your next holiday. Samples of winter holidays, to the right, feature all color combinations as offered in our standard brushes.

Photo Brush

Photo Brush Lite

Download the free version of Photo Brush (link below) to see what we have to offer!

KC VideoKings_Cup_Video.html
Emoji BrushEmoji_Brush.html
Frame ItFrame_It.html
King’s CupKings_Cup.html
4 LightFlashlight_1.html
Foto Brush ProFoto_Brush_Pro.html
Photo Brush
Foto BrushFoto_Brush.html
Emoji Brush 4Emoji_Brush_4.html
Fast FotoFast_Foto.html