Get some friends together, grab your iPhone or iPod Touch, a glass and your favorite beverages to drink. As the first true multi-player friendly social drinking app designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms, King's Cup is a great interactive game to play at your next party! King's Cup is a variation of the age-old card game which draws on the magic of Quartz Core Animations to transform the experience to a whole new level!


  1. User customizable rules

  2. Auto-save remembers gameplay in case of MMS or phone call

  3. Fun animations and polished artwork

   Each player simply selects a card at random from the virtual deck. The card is then revealed indicating an action to take along with a fun animation displayed in brilliant colors using the iPhone or iPod Touch's media player to demonstrate that action! With integrated rules for each card, players of all experience levels can participate.

King's Cup Video now allows 3GS users to record their own videos which can be used for in-game playback! Wanna act out your own, personalized rule? Simply record using the iPhone's built-in camcorder and microphone, save, and name the video for indexing and playback. Once saved, user recorded videos appear in the video playback list for easy management on a per-rule basis. Never has an iPhone game been so customizable!

- All iPhone and iPod touch users can pick from library-saved videos for in-game playback.

- Record video for in-game playback.*

- Name user videos for on-screen title playback.*

*3GS required for video recording

Unique to King’s Cup Video:

KC Video
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