Live effects playback + fullscreen preview

Standard (360p) and HD (720p) export video sizes

Add effects to portrait or landscape videos

Record new videos or import existing videos

Share videos with friends via Facebook and YouTube

Shoot. Genify. Share.

Easily add Hollywood quality visual effects and animations to HD videos!

Film Genie goes beyond typical film grain and color correction. Produce visual animations that rival professional effects software with power and ease!

Anniversary - You remembered!

Art Frame - A masterpiece

Binoculars - See Everything.

Carbonation - A splash of bubbly

Curtain Draw - You're on!

Letterbox - Paint the silver screen

Mouth - Open wide

Paparazzi - Instant celebrity

  1. Phone - Yo dawn...

  2. Starfield - Star surfer

Sun - Eye protection required

Television - Be on TV… in the 90s

Vignette - So dramatic

The Genie Shoppe is home to a wide selection of effects available for purchase within Film Genie. Each pack is comprised of HD (720p) quality effects.


Set the tone for a clip with these clever opening animations


Compose entire clips with these unique still effects

∞  Loops

Transform entire clips with one tap

Never before have such stunning visual effects arrived on mobile. Film Genie combines the phenomenal quality of professional effects software with the portability and simplicity of iOS to blow the doors open of your creativity.

Export High Definition video projects (up to 720p*) at any duration!

*720p HD not supported on iPhone 3GS


Post a video straight to your profile. Add a title, maybe a description, set the privacy and share.

  Open In...

Send a newly minted clip to iMovie or any other app via “Open In” or save a clip to your Camera Roll.


Update your YouTube channel on the go. Add a title, description, and tags, then share.

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Tons More Goodies
Expansion Packs. Expand your World.
Free Effects
13 Included
Fast and Flexible
Browse and Save Effects to Videos with Two Taps.

Save landscape and portrait videos with the same, full selection of effects. Easily swipe through Film Genie’s huge selection for pro quality effects to find the perfect one for your clip.

Live previewing allows you snappy browsing, saving you time. Preview in full screen also!

HD Effects
720p Quality. HDTV Ready.

iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 2 or 4th gen iPod Touch required to use Film Genie.

KC VideoKings_Cup_Video.html
Emoji BrushEmoji_Brush.html
Frame ItFrame_It.html
King’s CupKings_Cup.html
4 Light4Light.html
Foto Brush ProFotoBrushPro.html
Photo BrushPhotoBrush.html
Foto BrushFotoBrush.html
Emoji Brush 4EmojiBrush4.html
Fast FotoFastFoto.html
Learn more about The Genie Shoppe ➡FilmGenieShoppe.htmlshapeimage_52_link_0
Learn more Film Genie Effects ➡FilmGenieShoppe.htmlshapeimage_53_link_0

Watch the Film Genie Help video above for a brief introduction.

Effect Types

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