Put a whole new face on Emojis with Emoji Brush's unique, original designs!

    If you love texting with Emojis, you'll love adding them to your photos. Express yourself by adding emotions, expressions and familiar icons to photos, with a personal touch.

    Simply select a photo from your Photo Library, or take a picture with your iPhone, and customize by dabbing or swiping your screen using our wide selection of Emojis.


  1. Over 200 original Emoji Designs

  2. New easy access HUD interface

  3. Vary transparency, rotation and size of Emojis to fit any photo.

  4. Export resolutions include screen, email or desktop size.

  5. Undo/Redo available by swipe or touch.

  6. Shake to Clear All.

    Below are samples of the brushes and characters combinations available through Emoji Brush.

Emoji Brush

New in version 1.3:

- Added 38 new brushes: Snowman, Green Candy Cane, Red Candy Cane, Green Gift, Red Gift, Gingerbread Man, White Ornament, Red Ornament, Green Ornament, Blue Ornament, Tree, Snow Flake, Santa Cap, Stocking, Red Bow, Red Shooting Star, Green Shooting Star, Purple Shooting Star, Penguin, Pink Ribbon, Red Ribbon, Frog, Blob, Leaves, Petal, Action, Speech, Think, Umbrella and Christmas Lights in 9 colors.

- We've added a stepped drawing feature for size, transparency and rotation, accessible from the Settings window.

Emoji Brush Lite

Download the free version of Emoji Brush (link below) to see what we have to offer!

KC VideoKings_Cup_Video.html
Emoji Brush
Frame ItFrame_It.html
King’s CupKings_Cup.html
4 Light4Light.html
Foto Brush ProFotoBrushPro.html
Photo BrushPhotoBrush.html
Foto BrushFotoBrush.html
Emoji Brush 4EmojiBrush4.html
Fast FotoFastFoto.html
FIlm GenieFilmGenie.html